Electronic Roulette

We have machines with minimum bets from 25p up to £1, giving you the choice to choose the game you are most comfortable with.

There are machines located all around the casino, you can choose which location suits you best, whether that is over-looking the live tables or quietly in the corner.

How to play?

Similar to the slot machines you can insert either a £5, £10, £20 or £50 note into the note acceptor or alternatively purchase a ticket from our Cash Desk.

To start the game, simply press the transfer button to move money into the credit meter.

Winnings can be collected by pressing the ‘cash’ or ‘payout’ button or transferred into credits by pressing the ‘transfer’ button

How do I collect my winnings?

You can choose to take your cash at any time or you can allow it to build up until you have finished playing on the machine. When you want to take your cash, press the ‘cash’ or ‘payout’ button. A receipt or ticket will be produced for all credit/winnings. Values up to £500 can be exchanged for cash using one of the ticket redemption terminals or played on another machine. If you don’t want to use the terminals, simply go to the cash desk where they will be very happy to cash the ticket for you.

If you love roulette you will love these machines. All your favourite roulette bets are available for you AND you can choose which table you would like to play… That can be a live table, or one of our auto wheels… the choice is yours!

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